❀ about me ❀


name: gabby


birthday: january 22

zodiac: aquarius

single or taken: single

height: 5’5”

eye color: dark brown

middle name: i dont like sharing my full name sorry pce

favorite color: pink/blue/white

lucky number: 7


hogwarts house [x]: its late at night and i dont want to answer that but pottermore told me i’m gryffindor 

favorite fictional character: dooont make me choose

favorite television show: idk i dont really watch tv that much

favorite season: well since i’ve only ever experienced rainy/sunny (the only 2 seasons in ph) and spring (eur. and us trips) i guess i like spring the best 

describe yourself in a few words: south park and ice cream

future children’s names: i dont… want.. kids..

meaning of your name: i dont think it even has a meaning

ultimate otp:  tbh i havent been shipping anything lately but dirkroxy still stands strong

what do you plan to/do for a living:  hopefully something i can enjoy

starbucks order:  wHITE MOCHA FRAPPE


introvert or extrovert: introvert

dawn or dusk: dusk

righty or lefty: righty

coffee or tea: coffee

rain or shine: im okay with both as long as it’s not too rainy/hot

reading or writing: reading cause i suck at writing


ok alright my first theme that isnt a redux edit i guess!! (i still used a free base code but its still more my theme i guess??)

i think ill officially name it fitti mitm bart even though im probably the only one who thinks its funny to name themes after mc fitti

static preview 1 | static preview 2 | code

anyway here are the features

  • 500px posts
  • a few colour options for stuff like bg/sidebar bg/scrollbar/links/title/etc
  • you can show or hide the title
  • you can have that sidebar background thing or not 
  • shows tags and captions
  • two links and an optional drop down menu for extra links
  • you can choose if you want borders around the posts/sidebar elements/the sidebar pic
  • you can stretch the background to fit the screen
  • you can have semitransparent posts and a semitransparent sidebar
  • thats about it i think
  • the theme credit automatically has the colour of the links

please dont remove the credit
in case theres any mistakes or problems you can ask me u0u


life  sucks  sometimeslisten on 8tracks

studies have shown that listening to music that has a sad melody can help you release your own sadness and improve your mood.

help, i’m alive - metric ✕✕ hear me - imagine dragons ✕✕ eet - regina spektor ✕✕ teen idle - marina & the diamonds ✕✕ nobody else - low roar ✕✕ trouble - coldplay ✕✕ skinny love - bon iver ✕✕ little lion man - mumford & sons ✕✕ the good life - weezer ✕✕ ruby - foster the people ✕✕ if i be wrong - wolf larsen ✕✕ hide in your shell - super tramp

art sourcehappy playlist


without a heart

#ffe2e7 #e4b4c0 #8697c2 #90a7eb #c4cffc